Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to lead children from Innocence to knowledge. For us knowledge is reconstruction and reorganization of human experience. We aim at providing Qualitative Holistic Education in a climate of dedicated scholarship.

Scholars firmly believe in 3 Ds : Duty, Discipline & Determination

We strongly believe that every child is talented, meritorious and a different individual in a unique way. It is only needed to be spotted & nurtured in a right way. At Scholars Public School the psychology & interest of a child is studied deeply & it is motivated to develop the talent and skill of its choice.

Let’s know more about the Blue Planet “Our Mother Earth”


We have recognized the need to fill the chasm of our laid down vis-à-vis the modern age. We have the zeal, vision, conviction and belief to bring to one door step, what is prevailing and is progressing towards path breaking land marks of education. In the age of seamless world and information superhighways it is important to have the child equipped with not only the academic knowledge but also entrepreneurial skills not only this but to keep the balance and to maintain the rich cultural heritage.