The aim of Scholars Public School is to benefit the Scholars; to train their faculties; to widen their outlook; to form and strengthen their character; to develop and cultivate their mind and aesthetic faculty; to build up their body and give them health and strength; to teach them their duty to themselves, the community and the country: in short to make them honest and healthy men of high values. It inculcates among the students the habit to be truthful, polite, courteous & learn the significance of contentment and to achieve it. They are unprecedentedly facilitated with quality education with emphasis on spoken English from the beginning.

The objectives of “SCHOLARS” is to help children grow mentally, morally, physically and culturally in a holistic environment & become worthy citizens of future India and guard & retain its noble traditions to progress in a scientific way. We try to develop qualities of initiative & leadership in students who are disciplined and have an educated mind and spirit, best suited to serve their mother land, best fitted to lead others & are best trained to fulfill their own dreams and aspirations.