From Chairman’s Desk

With warm wishes

T.L Joshi

Dear viewer

Scholars Public School was established in the year 2002 to bestow upon the children of this semi-urban region, the latest available educational facilities under the care and guidance of wise and able educators. Our aim is to meet with international standards of imparting school education in holistic environment.

We are committed to develop our students as noble humane brimming with great Indian values. Just within a short span of time of our inception, we have achieved a bulging strength of more than 3700 students and pouring in more and more every year with our most sincere efforts, hard work and the blessings of the supreme soul, the Almighty.


The School next to the family has a special responsibility in equipping the future workmen with the right attitudes and skill that would help them become winners & leaders in this new InfoTech era. A modern infrastructure, continuing realignment of curriculum & pedagogy and a committed, skilled faculty are essential ingredients of a twenty first century school.

Dear viewers, we are keen to bequeath our prized heritage and a promising future to our next generation. We feel extremely enthusiast to provide ample of opportunities to them without losing their moral, cultural, & ethical values.

Our children need to imbibe an attitude of winning and leading. As a concerned parent, your search is possibly for an effective collaborator who could attend your beloved child’s scholastic & multidimensional needs. Scholars Public School has a vision to groom leaders for the new socio-economic order of the information age, who, while maintaining the perspective of world class citizens will never be uprooted from the soil of our rich cultural heritage which is every Indian’s pride.

Good grades are essential but not enough. We strongly believe that every child is talented, meritorious and a different individual in a unique way. It is only needed to be spotted & nurtured in a right way. Scholars Public School provides a comprehensive environment that stimulates versatile development of the child, which includes its physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, cultural and artistic growth. We devotedly work under the shadow of the motto of the school “DUTY, DISCIPLINE & DETERMINATION” and aim at producing futuristic citizens who can consciously and confidently discharge their duties towards the society, nation and above all humanity.

Sudesh Joshi


The school has qualified, experienced, specially trained and industrious teaching staff. The teachers are kept abreast of modern changes in teaching techniques through orientation with latest and innovative methods based on researches and psychological studies. Teacher training programmes, organized at the Teachers' Center and workshops attended at different venues, are a regular feature and ensure that the faculty is familiarized of the latest developments in the field of education.

The school is committed to increase its teachers’ development programmes, both academic and non-academic. Special attention is paid to the development of IT skills. The faculty members are encouraged to upgrade their skills and update their knowledge on a regular basis and are often introduced for refresher courses.