About us

Scholars Public School, Rajpura is synonymous with quality education being imparted to the children of 21st century in a holistic environment by using the most modern methodology & infrastructure for their versatile growth & development. Today, when parents find hard to adjust with the ultra modern curriculum of their ward or they can spare little time to guide their children in their studies , they always look for an institution which can come to their rescue to reduce their burden and educate their kids with motherly care & affection .

Today’s child, too, finds it impossible to fully concentrate on its formal education due to the availability of various recreational sources. The growing need of the time demands all round growth of the child. Scholars Public School, Rajpura caters to the need of a child of this era by establishing co-ordination between home & school to nurture the healthy development of these tender saplings. The education system of this school is a balanced blend of the most valued Indian moral values & heritage and the modern education system.